Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday night

Friday night was another long night of waking every hour, crying, squirming, miserable. Seriously thank GOD I have internet on my phone as i was able to sit beside her bed, soothing her whilst focusing on things outside of my brain. Today was a little better. She only had one major "pain" episode which happened as she was waking up from a two hour nap. She cried for about 10 minutes and then seemed fine. It's hard to know how much pain vs how much emotional stuff and what's the real issue. Tonight I could tell she was playing me a little in the whole bedtime game. I decided to do something a little different. Not necessarily a punishment per say but really a more focus approach to a cure. If she cries out from a sore throat it's three shots of ice cold water. In the middle of the night I haven't been pushing liquids as much. Tonight as she was going to bed I told her "Lucy, I talked to the doctor and he reminded me that it's VERY important that you drink cold water when your throat hurts, it will help it heal faster so that you feel better. When you wake up crying that your throat hurts at night I will come in to hug and kiss you and help make you better but each time your throat wakes you up I will be giving you three cups (medicine) of very cold water. This will help you throat." After our kiss and hug she started whining about her throat (which was seemingly fine up until that point). I said "oh sweety, I am sorry it hurts, I'll be right back". I got some ice water and had her drink three medicine cups, at which point she said "it feels better momma, good night".

I really don't think she's been playing me at all over the last two nights. I do think that perhaps a little habit is forming and I do KNOW that her body needs to sleep better if it's to heal. Even if she does wake up every hour tonight the ice water will help her (even if she doesn't love it). We'll see.

I should be going to sleep but I do need a moment of down time. I hope to have some good news to post about Lucy's sleep tomorrow.

not 20 minutes after this post she woke up screaming. she's only half way through her 4 hour pain-med window. WTH? I don't think I'll be sticking to my ice-water rule or this could be a long traumitizing night.


Melanie said...

OH Stacy!!!! Oh Lucy!!!! I hate this so much for both of you!!!!! Please please please please feel better BOTH of you!!!!

Kari said...

SOO sorry that you guys are both still struggling. Sending good sleep vibes your way tonight for sure!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad now after reading your post we had Aarons removed when he was two, he also is a very emtional kiddo. Praying for you and Lucy!

Kerri said...

Ugh!!! Poor Lucy! Bad habits are so easily formed during times like this but it's also so important not to ignore real pain. Good luck! Hope all the pain is gone very soon!

Mama Sweet Pea said...

Hang in there! Meron is in the same spot as Miss Lucy...having had tonsils and adenoids out last Thursday. We are still waking up with huge cries during the night. Tonight when we are up...Meron and I will think of You and Lucy and hope you are getting more sleep and comfort than we are!!

Day to Day Tripper said...

Stacy, I am feeling so bad that you are still struggling so much with Lucy's surgery. I feel bad for Lucy too...but a little more for you. Lucy can lay around and sleep all day and you have to keep getting out of bed. I hope tonight is a little better.