Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wednesday .. NaBloPoMo day 5

Lucy watching Obama's acceptance speech this morning!

It took me three or four days to realize I don't have to track what day of NaBloPoMo I am in as it corresponds with the day of the month. Before you jump to conclusions about my intelligence please remember that 1. I don't and won't home school so don't worry about Lucy and 2. anything to do with numbers automatically enters this "panic" area of my brain and I tend to flee and play dead.

Anyways it was totally a quiet morning and evening here. The morning was excitement and energy and somehow both Lucy and I lacked energy in the evening. I hope she's not getting sick as she totally fell asleep in my arms without me even attempting to put her to sleep. Interesting.

Her early bedtime gave me time to put the 2nd coat on the accent wall of my bedroom to be. For those of you know don't know and who actually care here's the bedroom story. I have a home with two real bedrooms. My cousin (aka Auntie Jen) has been living here and renting a room. When I started the process to adopt Lucy I decided it would be unfair to charge Jen rent for the cold drafty closetless sun room. I also decided it would be unfair to give said room to the new baby and I knew I didn't want to "room in" with Lucy long term. My bedroom became the nursery, the sun room became my new bedroom and we lived with this for 3 1/2 years. Recently my dad renovated our basement, adding a bedroom, sitting room and 3/4 bathroom. Jen moved to the "suite" downstairs. I repainted Jen's room and moved Lucy into that room (it's so cute, I'll post photos later) and am now in the process of repainting Lucy's old room to become my room again. Lucy's old room was orange and yellow and didn't match my bedspread at all. Lucy's new room is a blue called "healing waters" and it was a feeble attempt to try to induce calm and sleepy behaviors (aka sleep until 7am). So far it's had mixed results.

My new room will be dark chocolate brown on the accent wall with a tannish color on the other walls and dark red curtains. I am most excited to have a closet again.

ok sorry the post is boring, I warned you at day 2 of NaBloPoMo that this might happen!


Meg said...

Ha! Just take solace in the fact that since I eagerly await each one of your posts that your life must be more interesting than mine :-)

Malia'sMama said...

hey new digs is always fun!! :)

cathy said...

Just wait till Lucy comes home with math WORD PROBLEMS!!! I look at Carver as I try to help him with his homework and I see my status sinking in his eyes ;)

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to let you know -- I am a single woman in the process of adopting an infant girl from Ethiopia. I read your blog everyday and love all the details -- the good and the bad. Any Lucy is just beautiful. Just wanted to let you know what an amazing benefit thig blog is. Thanks!