Friday, November 21, 2008

and we danced ...

all ya all around my age might remember this video. Lucy, auntie Jen and I took a road trip down my memory lane tonight thanks to you tube (which is so very different then U-Tube).

I am so glad it is Friday!!!!! Lucy and I took it easy tonight. We did some work with the sprayer. Lucy also loaded up her lunch bag with plenty of rubber gloves and tissues in case her teachers have an emergency at school (my child is a bit quirky). Other activities included mixing up some dough for pizza, rubbing the pizza pan with oil, dancing, and cutting with scissors.

Basically it was quite the party here at casa de momma and Lucy.

Now I am wondering if I'll make it up until 11 tonight or if 9pm will be late enough. hmmmm

anyone remember Friday Night Videos! I used to be so young.

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