Monday, November 17, 2008


Well the work week has officially started and today's a doozy. I am guessing 12 hours (nearly). Yeah yeah the last two hours is at Old Country Buffett, but I WILL be working, directing 7ish families and helping with their kids, paying the bill, counting people and assuring that everyone makes it on the bus home. It's an annual event for the Latino Family Night group that I started a couple years ago. I love that I do the group, I love that it's been effective and has brought together so many families but it's a lot of work especially at the end of the day when I just want to go home. It's really a lot of work navigating through Spanish and English, just ask my coworkers, many times I turn to them speaking Spanish and then turn to my clients speaking English before shaking out the cobwebs and turning it around so people can understand what I am saying. Whew.

Lucy is quite a trip these days. She is moving past some of the horrible awful no good terrible behaviors and into more obsessive compulsive behaviors. She's totally totally obsessesed with cleaning, and not the helpful picking up sort of cleaning, she wants a spray bottle and a washcloth. Lucy is happiest when I am cleaning with windex and she is cleaning with her sprayer (filled with water and dish soap). She can do this for a long long time. Lucy also has quite the attention span for cutting with scissors and taping things. I have waited for her to get into something, and now here we go, honestly I was expecting something more along the lines of Dora, Trains, dressing up, dolls but I'll take sprayers and scissors.

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