Saturday, November 29, 2008


Saturday we had a day of creativity. We made bread again, got a new recipe from Katie on our adoption forum and it was much much better. Our first loaf (of the new recipe) had to be chucked because after the first rise I put it on the table to shape it and the table had been "glittered" so the entire loaf of dough was covered with pretty red glitter, not really edible. When Lucy went to nap I quick whipped up another batch and it was rising by the time she woke up. We invited Mel and Morgan over to bake cookies, they brought most of the ingredients since we were on our last bits of flour and butter. The cookie making went well until the rolling and cookie cutter portion at which point every one was done with festivities. The kids played with dough while Mel and I slapped a pan of stocking and bunny(I didn't totally sort the holidays) cookies together. The cookie recipe needs some tweaking (like following the recipe for one thing). It was a fun day though. I am however sick and taking it like a "man" (which means, of course, that I am being a big whiny wimp).

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