Friday, April 4, 2008

Sleep and crazy outfits

Something has shifted with Lucy's sleep in the past three weeks. The first week she was kept up coughing at night. The second week, I attributed the very early risings to the steroids and albuterol. This week I am only guessing it's a bad habit OR it's because she's actually getting good solid (no apnea) sleep from 8:30pm - 5:55 am. After having a pre-asthma scare with Lucy (reactive airway disease) and coincidentally "running into" an asthma/allergy specialist before going hiking I did some serious googling into allergies. I have diagnosed Lucy with possible cat allergy along with dust-mite and maybe mold issues. The only thing I can think of that has remained consistent since Lucy came home (aside from breathing issues, stuffy nose, runny nose, sinus infections and extravagant bouts with normally average viruses) is that we have cats and dust. She's been tested for the cat allergy but the specialist we saw on our hike said that the blood tests can be pretty inaccurate. On Monday I did a 90% thorough cleaning of Lucy's bedroom (everything I could reach with a step stool). I vacuumed, scrubbed the windows/sills with vinegar, changed her bedding etc. I bought allergy covers for her mattress and pillow. I have kept her bedroom door closed with an air purifier running. Every morning I have vacuumed with my non-dyson brand suckless vacuum cleaner.

I swear she's better. Her nose still runs a little but just a little and I don't hear that gasping for breath breathing through the monitor all night. Despite the early early risings she seems a little more stable mood wise (aside from that 15 minutes in the judges chambers during Morgan's finalization ... not your finest moment Lucy).

Tomorrow we are adding a dose of claritin to our regiment. I am thinking if the claritin and the cleaning help her say until her 3 yr old well-child then I am mentioning to the doctor that we re-test for cat/dust/mold allergies.

All that said ... what I really want now is for Lucy to sleep until 7:00 tomorrow.

About the photos. Lucy has been picking out her own clothes most days.


Anonymous said...

She is seriously SO gorgeous! I can't even believe how big she is getting. Just wow.

Good luck with the sleep stuff. Ah the joys of Mothering.


Malia'sMama said...

Good work, Mama. Get that DYSON! :)

Nancy said...

Love the creatively chosen threads!

cathy said...

Hey you. Lily and Lucy could be twins. Aside from the darling mix and match outfits (lily is the SAME) and sleep issues (lily is the same) and temperments (you already know Lily is the same) Lily is severly allergic to cats. She will immediatly go into breathing distress around them. She is on a regimine of of Zyrtec and Singulair, which allows her to be at my mom's house (who has a cat) without turning blue. She is allergic to mold/dust/weeds, etc. so I got the allergen mattress cover and pillowcase. I was her bedding a lot and try to keep it dusted in her room. Keep up the cleaning--it really does help.

Anonymous said...

OK OPK OK maybe we have to look at a Dyson, but does it have to be the $500.00 one?


Cindy said...

Is this a ploy to get your mom to buy you the new suck-ful vacuum? :)

Well, I like beautiful Lucy's sense of groovy style. She's a crack up and really, seriously gorgeous.

My worst fear (well, not really my worst!) is having a child with cat allergies. No way could I give them up (the cats, that is), no way, no how. Although we keep them outside these days most of the time (kids waking us up at night was all we could handle--not putting up with pitter-patter of paws, face tickling with fur, meowing, or barking through the night anymore!). And they're outside during the day because our nanny is too scared of them and won't put them outside to do their thing (really, she's scared to pick up a little cat up!). :)

Diane said...

I think I saw Mary Kate or Ashley wearing the same outfit Lucy is in the first photo.