Monday, April 21, 2008


I can't complain about this Monday. Mel and I used to share Monday child-care. She'd stay home one monday and I'd stay home the next (we work at the same agency and are able to use personal time or comp time). Lately Mel has been pulling most of the Monday child-cares (she has more time-off then I do ... ). This Monday was my Monday with the kiddos. I happened to pull the absolute most perfect Monday weather-wise in the history of Mondays. We were outside ALL THE LIVELONG DAY. This made for such a nice day with so few squabbles and whines. Morgan ate sand three times. I figure maybe he's part bird and needs the gravel to digest all that food. Lucy helped me clear the yard of some decking material. Both of the kids got plenty of exercise, sun and whatever fresh air South Minneapolis had to offer. Now that it's evening it's thunderstorming ... perfect, really how much more perfect can you get then sun all day and a good old thunderstorm at night? It's almost like it's not really Monday after all ... hmmmmm.


Malia'sMama said...

Sounds so lovely!! Glad you and the kidlettes had fun. :)

Ryan and Heather said...

Thank god for spring weather!
We were outside most of the day as well.

Anonymous said...

see you can have a perfect day without a dyson