Thursday, April 17, 2008


Well Lucy has been diagnosed with asthma :( . We got there early, and we're just waiting to figure out if it's triggered by allergies or viruses. For now she will take one med in a nebulizer once a day. It's a good thing she's all sorts of good about taking her nebulizer. It's about the only time that girl will sit for more then 5 minutes. She's quite good at holding her own mask and coloring at the same time. I think she enjoys the challenge!

A few posts back one reader who happens to be parenting Ethiopian triplets tried to accuse me of using my blog post to guilt my mom into buying me a Dyson brand vacuum cleaner. All I am going to say about that is that the Dyson is certified asthma friendly. Who wants to vacuum with an asthma unfriendly vacuum when you have the world's cutest, sweetest little girl???? That's all I am saying.


Kerri said...

Yuck! Hope you just get to stick with the one nebulizer. You do have an even better excuse for a Dyson now. ;-)
Kerri and Ruby

Mrs. Baker said...

I love it....and I love my Dyson!

From a lady who struggled with a little bro with severe ashma for many many many years....

I would start by looking at chemicals in your house....
airfreshners, cleaners, carpet cleaners, etc.

You very well probably know this already....but I never had any idea cleaners could be so bad for you.

Lucy is getting more beautiful than ever!!!!!

Great to check back in!

Cindy said...

What a mean mean triplet mama (I hate those types of triplet mamas!).

Oh, what I would do for a maid intead of a vaccum ;).

cathy said...

Two, four, six, eight...
Who do we appreciate?
Dyson--Dyson--Goooooo Dyson!

I'm not surprised about the asthma but super sorry anyway. Lily's is allergy induced, which is nice because she can run around and not have to restrict her activity. Keep us posted. Lucy is so brave.

D said...

Wow. I can't believe Grandma would risk her darling grandchild's health and well-being for the price of a Dyson. {{Guilt, guilt, guilt, Grandma!}}}

PS: If this works, I expect to get 4 free uses out of the Dyson at my house.