Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I've been tagged ...

Jayme tagged me ...

Jobs I’ve held:

1. Social Worker-home visitor
2. D.O.T girl/sales support at chemical company
3. Nanny
4. Shift Supervisor at Crisis Nursery
5. steak house worker girl

Places I’ve lived:

1. Minneapolis, MN
2. Rye, NY
3. Champlin, MN
4. Anoka, MN

Foods I love:

1. chocolate
2. pizza - no veggies
3. anything curry
4. juicy lucy’s at Matt’s bar

Places I’d rather be:

1. that one island in Thailand
2. Venezuela (on that one island)
3. Estes Park
4. by a lake

Movies I like:

1. Sound of Music
2. Harold and Maude
3. anything with Julia Roberts (a girl has to escape sometimes)

TV Shows I watch:

1. The Office
2. House
3. Extreme Home Makeover (for the crying)

Friends I am tagging:

1. Jen
2. Cathy (have you been tagged?)
3. Risa
4. Malia's Mamma


Malia'sMama said...

I've already been tagged, and did it a few days back, but it was good to learn more about YOU! :)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Okay, I took my tag like a (wo)man and answer the questions on my other blog.