Monday, October 22, 2007

Dear Lucy

Dear Lucy,

I am so proud of you. Nine(ish) nights ago you were screaming and crying in bed (and momma was crying in the kitchen, monitor clutched to heart). We were starting a new, non rocking, bedtime routine. We were both devastated. I felt so sorry for you. You sounded mad, scared and confused. I couldn't let you cry yourself to sleep. I did a quick change of methods and you responded well. In a little over a week my darling, you have become such a big girl. You fall asleep in your own bed! I read you three books: Brown Bear Brown Bear, Sometimes I like to Curl up in a Ball (or something), and some other book. You know the last lines to the last book "go to sleep little deer little deer, the very last kiss is almost here" mean that momma will be stepping out. You don't fear my big girl! You have only had trouble remembering TWICE, and only needed two reminders. You wake up sometimes in the middle of the night but only need your door opened a little wider and you snuggle right down in your cute pink bed ...

During this time you've also decided that you are big enough to use the potty chair almost all of the time! I love how proud of yourself you are, it's really cute how you clap your hands for yourself after you use the potty! I really think that this last bag of diapers is going to last us a long long time.

During this time you have also decided that you don't have to fight every stinking time we leave the house. Most of the time you just take my hand and walk out the door with me (like a normal person). You will never know how much this means to me and how I had a secret fear that this oddity would never ever go away.

OK now just one little thing, please please don't totally go grown up on me. I do love your little self.

Love your momma


Mama Papaya said...

Slow down Lucy. I can't take another one of these letters. They hurt my heart.

We are all proud of you though. You are going good kid.

Malia'sMama said...

Good going, Lucy! But, like Mama said, remember to stay her baby, too! I think extra hugs and kisses from you might help her feel better, okay Lucy? :)

Kellie said...

Hooray for Lucy (and Mama too)! It has been a big couple of weeks for both of you :)