Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy, Busy Weekend

I am so depressed that it's Sunday. The weekend was filled with fun and togetherness and it makes it that much harder to leave it behind for the work week ahead. Focusing on the positive:
1. Lucy slept fairly well for being in week one of sleep rehabilitation
2. Lucy decided that potty training and independent sleeping go hand in hand. I mean it, potty training is not real high on my list of priorities but still the girl has had maybe 2 wet diapers/pull-ups in three days. She has done all of her business on the toilet most of the time.
3. Friday afternoon we had a play date with some of Lucy's old buddies from her daycare.
4. Saturday morning we went to EKC (Ethiopian Kids Community) Engage at the beautiful Minnehaha Falls. We saw the SUN! We ran and played in the wonderful fall leaves and the water fall was gushing becasue of all the rain we had all the live long week.
5. Saturday evening we visited with our friend Sheila. I believe a lot of Methodist Hospital was slightly healed by the very lively, spirited presence of Lucita the bonita.
6. Sunday morning, bright and early it was SWIMMING time. Lucy rocked the swimming pool with her daring underwater adventures.
7. Sunday night it was Zoo Boo at Como Zoo. Lucy showed no fear around all of the costumed characters (aside from one of the fabulous 4).
8. She is sleeping soundly in her cozy bed.


Christina Baker said...

Busy Weekend and cute pictures. Lucy's songs sure do put a smile on my face this Monday morning!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I love the nasty look she's giving Bennet on second to last picture.