Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Bed

We are in our 2nd week of Lucy sleeping in her bed. I thought I'd blog about the bed and the room. When I started the process of adopting from Ethiopia the program was young and fast. I just finished my homestudy and decided to start working on the nursery. Thank goodness I did because between home study approval and referral I had maybe 3 weeks. I found prints online that I loved. I decided to work the colors of the nursery around these prints. I actually pinpointed this certain color orange by walking up and down the streets of Phillips neighborhood with my coworker Brenda, holding the print up to cars parked along the street. The nursery was gender neutral because I was open to gender (at the time I applied first-time parents could choose gender).

When I received my referral for a girl baby I was shocked but happy. I found a very soft crib sheet at pottery barn but it was bright pink (the room colors were orange and yellow). I decided then that orange and pink "go together". Well shortly after, everywhere I went I noticed this color combination together.

Since Lucy and I sort of share the closet in her room (my room has no closet, since it's a sunroom). She soon needed her own "space" (she has about 100 times the amount of clothing I do). I found this adorable armoire at Ikea, bright pink and just the most childlike design, had to get it. I couldn't resist the matching youth bed. Her bed is just so cute. It's smaller then a twin but bigger then a toddler bed so she has room to grow. What I really love is that it's childish like the rest of her room. I do love the clean, orderly, wood colored nurserys that some people choose for their chidren. I thought that I would have preferred that look as well. Turns out, I am itching to keep my kid young for as long as possible and she's getting the point every time she turns around in her bedroom. Maybe these colors are why she's havign a hard time sleeping at night, hmmmm. I am rambling ...

So her room evolved. Orange, yellow, pink, blue and now bright green on her dressers. Oh and those original prints, I don't care much for them now.

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