Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Sefera 2011 - the year I "let go" (a little)

Even though Sefera 2011 was about 500 hours away from home it was
the best state park yet and the best year of the gathering. 

The theme of this year's gathering (for me) was "leash lengthening"  with the help of Diane I was able to let Lucy have some much coveted freedom and space (from me).  

Look above,  I let L push Lucy soooooo freakn' high.
I didn't even gasp. Nope. I was all chill.  Granted I was thinking of
all the dang flying squirrels positioning themselves in the tree
over our tent, waiting for my middle of the night moment of weakness when I
had to exit the tent to "use it".  Ugh.

The kids had a little show.  Surprisingly Lucy wasn't into performing.
Which is why, despite her beautiful looks and her obvious talent for singing,
dancing and being a spit fire, I have not got her into anything like
acting or modeling.  She moves when her spirit moves her, which is
most definitely not when I would like her spirit to move her.

I suppose it didn't help that she "accidentally" poked Og's eye out
with a large stick and was pretty ashamed and embarrassed
about hurting him.  So she spent a lot of time curled up in my lap

She got over it and found the adorable A and W, who were all over
learning about the hysterical (and annoying) 'old grandma in a rocking chair' joke.
don't ask.

we had a nice visit from the lovely G/B/W.  we love him.

Lucy discovered that she can scooter like nobodies business.
she scootered all over the park.

uh. um. these two will make a lovely couple some day.

went for several bike rides.  Lucy is doing so great on her bike.

beach time

we always paint rocks when we camp and leave them
as treasures for another camper to find.

a little quiet lunch break.

her own private lake

dancing to mc hammer at the campsite


ginormous marshmallow roast

arrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhh  wood tick! 
or just another campground tattoo


a hug good-bye

discovered as we neared the dells (after hours of driving) that Mel and Morgan were
about 20 miles ahead of us (they were at the dells while we were camping).  did some creative
road antics and ended up eating lunch together. 


Shannon- said...

She's growing up so fast. how is it possible?

D said...

so, so proud of you for letting your little birdie fly. (which is not easy since I think your birdie has Icarus tendencies.

smiled while reading the whole post until I got to the 3rd to last pic and found my son's hand where it ought not be. ;)

cathy said...

looks like an incredible time!!! lengthening the leash is hard, but it also comes with great rewards. way to go, mama.