Monday, June 20, 2011


 On Saturday we headed to our city's Juneteenth event.
On our way there I did an age appropriate (in my opinion) 3 minute explanation
about the history of slavery in our country.  Hard.
"Mama what if someone stole me and you didn't even get to say goodbye?"
"You mean they never got to see their families again??"
"I mean, that is just soooo mean, that is so mean, they should have gone to jail"
Speaking of jail.  There were about 2 cops at the event for every one attendee.
Seriously.  Hey people who are about to shut our state down due to a budget crisis/impasse
I have some money saving ideas ....   I'm not exaggerating.
BUT the cops did provide ample opportunity for Lucy to embarrass the bejezus out of me.

"Hey police man, excuse me sir ..."
cop "yes"
"you don't really need your gun or handcuffs"
cop "what?"
"my grandpa has a great big gun and my mom gave me her handcuffs
so if you just come over to my house i can give them to you to catch the bad guys"
cop "complete stunned silence"
me .... dying
"oh i also have sleeping medicine you can give the bad guy so he doesn't fight so much"

so. no one got arrested or investigated.

the kids had a blast. 

Lucy was stunning.

she got a lot of time to practice and refine her
hip hop/break dance/salsa/poetry in motion.

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