Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Graduate

Dear Kindergarten,  We are glad to see you go.  You whomped us hard.
From the first two hours of the very first day of school, you got us good.

Lucy is fierce. Kindergarten was not ready for such a force.
I was not ready for the trauma that was called being the mom
forced to advocate, almost every day, for the force. 

Don't get me wrong.  We LOVE her school.  We LOVE her kindergarten teacher.
We got to know everyone very quickly.  Lucy spent time in the director's office, the assistant
director's office, the special ed office...  Everyone worked hard to make the year and the classroom
successful for Lucy.  Lucy, the amazing one, worked extra hard, EVERY SINGLE DAY, to make
the classroom successful for her.  It was hard.

It was hard for her experienced teacher Miss Natalie.

These tags did not exist before this year.

Lucy was excited to see an old buddy from preschool in her class, and met
new friends as well. 

This is Jermaine, Lucy spent time with him when she was
"too disruptive for class".  One day she said to me,
"mom, Jermaine makes me like school" so sweet.

donning her cap and gown with Sherry.  Sherry had access to
first aid materials.  Lucy's love of doctor gloves is her longest
standing obsession. 

and despite how difficult and troubling kindergarten was.  I cried when
she graduated.  I can't believe I have a stinkn' first grader.


Here's to a summer of fun and restoration.  A few months to
mature. A few months of having a night a week with my friend Jen (who is going to
tutor her and help get her reading up to speed).  A few months of not being
in trouble. A few months of me not feeling sick to my stomach every time my
phone rings between 10:15 and 4:15. 
Here's to having a first grader!!!


Shannon- said...

To give you a little hope- my nephew was ... A.W.F.U.L.... nightmare... principles office.... made to sit in the hall etc etc etc. School and parents went to extremes attempting some sort of intervention. Nothing. Then when 1st grade came around. Totally new kid. He's still the smartest most advanced- (1st grade reading chapter books) and he's still very social but he's also fitting in with the adults. I have no idea if it was a- adult issue or wether he just wasnt' ready on some level but.... anyway. Have hope. Not every year will be like this. She seems to be the girl to break barriers and walk to her own beat. Don't I wish I had that courage and drive. But parenting that, in this house with a boy, is , well- opportunity for personal growth.

Deena said...

Congratulations Lucy! Awesome post...I am so impressed with your willingness to advocate for Lucy even when things get hard. I've worked in schools for many years and know that parents like you will make ALL the difference in the lives of their kids. Congratulations to you too! YOU made it through kindergarten! Well done.

Mean Mama said...

Congrats! I just finished that kind of year with my Ladybug too. Hard year. Let's hope that both of our girls have better years as first graders.