Thursday, September 2, 2010

transitions are so hard

Lucy is one of those kids where it's really hard to tell whether it's helpful or hurtful to talk about/process upcoming transitions a lot.  Of course we've been talking about kindergarten all summer long. She's been psyched. Ready. Diving in headfirst.  Seems totally secure. 

Lucy has a lot of false bravado. She holds her head up high and jumps out the airplane even though she's scared to death of heights and falling.  Poor baby. 

Wednesday was really hard for her. She was acting up all morning. I dropped her off at school and she walked in all raring to go, barely said goodbye to me.  I had the day off, and I was stressed but feeling pretty relaxed.   It took all of 2 hours for her to get sent to the principal's office.  2 hours.  She wasn't following the rules and she hit another child.   Apparently she also did a bit of spitting.  She learned a hard lesson right away, as she missed the first ever recess of her life. 

Lucy was SO CRABBY when I picked her up from school. She did a lot of snapping at me.  I was uber forgiving.  Lucy didn't want to tell her grandpa and grandma what she had done.  We went for a walk with the dog to clear our heads, took a nice warm bath. 

Thursday was better. Another day of new transitions. Thursday she went to her new before school child care center and rode the bus from there to her new school for the first time.  She was really excited about the bus.  I had no bad reports about Lucy today.  I didn't talk to the teacher at all but I had spoken to the director Wednesday and asked her to please let me know of any problems so we can all be on board. I heard nothing today.  Lucy seemed a lot more relaxed when I picked her up from school.  She said she did good and was a good friend.  She was so tired, she barely slept at all the night before, having dreams, waking all night and awake by 6:15 this morning. It was a long day but she held her self together pretty well until the very end of the night.

Oh Lucy. I hope that things continue to get easier for you and that soon everyone at your school sees you for the shining star you are!


Jill said...

Oh Lucy, you sound SO much like my Amari!! I'm just so glad you're 2 years older and your mommy is so open and honest about telling us these things. You are a beautiful, passionate young lady and you give me hope that (once we are done with these not-so-terrific-threes) one day my Amari will be a beautiful young lady like you.

M and M said...

Lucy, you're doing a great job. Mama S., you are awesome. She's gonna master this thing called school and you're going to be witness to all of it. Lucky you. Seriously.

Margaret said...

I am teaching in a Minneapolis K-5 (very near Powderhorn Park) and we had more than a few Kindergarten kids put on brave faces and then lose it on the first day. It's such a HUGE transition. It will get easier once the routine is established.

Anonymous said...

oh boy. so much like my boy was. as long as the teacher and admin. are in agreement with you on how deal with any problems then things will be great. remember that you are lucy's best advocate and you know her better than anyone else.

Mom~Mommy~Mama said...

Transitions are so very hard. With time and increasing comfort in her new setting, Lucy will show them just how wonderful she is.

Nicole Anderson said...

Poor thing. I work in a school too, and always just wait for October 1st. Transitions are so hard. Soon she will feel comfortable with her new schedule and it should be easier. You are so patient with her. Good luck mama!