Saturday, September 11, 2010

Little Lady on the Prairie

We went to Walnut Grove to see some Little House on the Prairie in real life.  Seriously cute photos follow.  I have tons TONS I need to write about Lucy's first couple weeks of kindergarten but am biding my time and thinking about what to put out there in the blogosphere and what I should just cry in my beer over. 

It was quite a beautiful day for us pioneer girls.

the wind blowing the prairie grasses

Lucy all relaxed and easy on this Saturday.

Exploring prairie trails, breathing fresh air and feeling the warm sunshine.

deciding that we enjoy our mudfree, bug free, flushing bathroom house

moving the prairie grasses off the path so our friends can pass more easily

taking mama's breath away with her beauty and her spirit

cooking up some grub on the banks of plum creek

and a glimpse of what happns in kindergarten!

what a beautiful day
i want more

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