Wednesday, September 15, 2010

same photos different story

promise a permanent post on kindertroubles after a few weeks have gone by.  Just let it be known that Lucy is working her little butt off trying to navigate kindergarten and all it's rules, regulations, expectations and boundaries. 

lets talk about hair.  lucy has spent a lot of time these past few weeks thinking about her hair. 

on about the first day of kindergarten Lucy noticed a little curly haired girl with very short hair.  As soon as we were in the car Lucy asked if she could get her hair cut like that. 

she then asked to have her hair down and loose for a few days, i agreed, providing  that she understood we'd be doing some conditioning and finger combing every day as long as it was loose.

so it was a good time to start teaching her a little self hair care.  She conditioned and worked through the front sections and I did the back.

she did pretty good. and in the middle of the process decided that she wanted a hair cute still, but not too short because she likes her long hair!

"even if it hurts a little mom, I still like my hair to be long" ... 

I am dragging my feet a little on getting her hair back into a style.  I am sure it's going to be a mini-trauma when we set down and really comb it out.  Meanwhile, we marvel at how dang cute she is with that big ole head of long curly hair!!!


Mean Mama said...

great pics. great hair. and she seems so helpful with it.

Mindy said...

Her hair is so beautiful. Lucy's so beautiful.