Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some nights ...

Some nights are dreamy.  I arrive at preschool and Lucy seems chill.  Good reports on her school day all around.  Lucy walks from her room, down the steps and climbs into the car just like that (believe me I never fail to appreciate when the normal things go smoothly, usually by this time we've had at least 3 "issues"). 

Arrive at home, Lucy lets the dog out and we chill for a bit.  I lay on the sofa, feeling pretty spent, Lucy plays with Zep, chats with me and the house is still dark (it's been real rainy) and quiet (no radio, no tv).  I finally get up, cook a simple dinner and put it on the table.  Lucy walks over and sits down and STARTS EATING.  No struggles, no whining just easy like a dream.  We chat during dinner.   While I clean up dinner Lucy plays with playdough and then we make lemon poppy seed muffins together NOT ONE SINGLE STRUGGLE.

While the muffins cook Lucy changes into pj's.  We play some more.  Before I know it it's snack time and tv time.  We settle in for 1/2 hour of Idol and then it's lucy's bedtime. 

EASY EASY night.  
I do see that this blog would have died years ago if every night was like tonight.  
and totally appreciated (every once in awhile)


M and M said...


Gracie's Mom said...

Sweet girl :)

jayme said...

Hooray for nice and easy nights.

Beth said...

Easy nights are the best. I like to think that if they were typical I would just not appreciate them.