Thursday, May 6, 2010

Four no more ...

Today was Lucy's last day of being four years old.  I must admit she rocked it!   Mama had a advisory board meeting until 9pm on Wednesday night and Lucy was still awake when I picked her up at 9:30.  She went to bed when we got home at 10pm so that put her at T - 2 hours of sleep deprivation which historically ain't been pretty.   Lucy held her stuff together pretty well today considering.  Brief melt down when Zep left to go on "errands" with Jen tonight but other wise she did great which was stellar considering it was  the big KINDERGARTEN registration night at her new and huge school. 
first lucy and baileys the cat had a nice snuggle session. i think the cat helped to center lucy and emotionally prepare her to the evening ahead.  lucy sure loved that baileys wanted to sit on her lap!

lucy sat very still during face painting time

crazy fancy facepainting

lucy sitting at one of the tables in one of four kindergarten classrooms.  oh the nerves of it all.

and then they put our little tiny babies on these huge ginormous yellow tubes of death
breathe stacy breathe

she's soooooo teeeny tiny.  what if they let her get off at the wrong stop? what if she hides under the seats?
what if she falls asleep??? ...  breathe stacy breathe

miss kitty cat lucy was PISSED that the bus didn't actually go anywhere. 
it was about here where the -2 hours of sleep started rearing it's ugly head.

lucy was all sorts of teenager cool telling grandma about
her evening at her big kid school.

Can't believe that when Lucy wakes up she will be 5 years old.  Wow. More on that later.


Kerri said...

Happy birthday Lucy!!! Hope 5 is a great year for you!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy!

...and Stacy, It's good to hear that other people fear the school bus. They terrify me. (I will spare you the gorey details, but as a 6th grader, I was witness to something very bad). As of now, I don't believe I can go through with putting Lucky on one.

rae said...

We are reading Peter Pan right now, and this quote stuck with me "Young children should never be put to bed, they always wake up one day older".

jayme said...

Happy Birthday Lucy! You know, 5 year olds are always kind and helpful to their mamas.

zanne said...

happy 5. such a fun age. your worry about hiding under the seats actually came true for me. my boy hid on the bus, and when the bus driver asked where he was, my boy said, "not here". poor driver went and searched the school, phoned the high school where boys dad worked and said, "i don't know how, but i lost your son". after being reassured that this wasn't his fault, he drove the bus to the high school and as the kids got off, my boy waltzed down the steps and said, "see you tomorrow". i don't know if mr bus driver passed out or yelled. my husband had to yell while trying not to laugh. i remained in blissful ignorance of everything at work and heard about it after the boy came home. "guess what mom, they couldn't find me. i got yelled at, but it was so funny". that happened in kindergarten. he's in grade 5 now and while the boy has recovered, i'm pretty sure the driver still checks under all the seats every day.

Mindy and Baldwin said...

Happy B-Day Lucy!

*and breathe Stacy breathe! (but I know I would be a total freak if I had to think of my baby riding a yellow tube of death too!)