Thursday, May 13, 2010

doing something ...

I figured that we needed to do a little more then just **tch on facebook about the sorry state of affairs in Minnesota and how much Pawlenty irks me.   So I introduced Lucy (and myself) to some political activism right outside of the chambers, during the closing session when legislators are trying to balance our budget.  We wanted a fair approach to balancing the budget (not so much on the backs of children and folks in poverty please).  We wanted them to "do the right thing".   

A little photo essay of the evening:
Lucy on the steps of the State Capital.  She's ready to rock and roll!!!

Thankfully we ran into our friend A (not pictured) who is married to someone in the know!
He let us in the side door and brought us up to the rally. 
turns out we walked in the doors closest to Tim Pawlenty's office.  Shockingly he was not at work.
Here's Lucy handing a note requesting a meeting with our representative
Jeff Hayden.

While we waited for Rep. Hayden to come talk to us. Lucy chatted it up
with various Representatives.  Apparently she gave an Invest in Minnesota sticker
to the republican nominee for governor (i might have this fact mixed up).  She also offered a
sticker to a pretty conservative lobbyist (for the "other side"). 

We didn't have to wait long before Rep. Hayden came to chat with us, his constituents.
He was really awesome.  Lucy (with no prompting) told him that Pawlenty made it so the Southside kids couldn't go to work anymore. She also mentioned that our friend Risa couldn't go to work anymore.
Lucy asked Mr. Hayden to please get our money back, and he told her he would do his best! 
Lucy learned about making her voice heard tonight!

Here is Lucy listening to someone talking, and cheering "do the right thing"

Lucy inside the State Capital, in the hallway near Pawlenty's office and Lucy on the front steps.
my sweetie pie did really good work tonight!!! 
Thanks for speaking up baby cakes!


risa said...

Oh Thank you Stacy and touch my heart!

M and M said...

rise up little one, rise up! (and her mama too).

Kerri said...

Very cool!!!

Gracie's Mom said...

Right on Lucy! Stand up for what's right. Stacy u are such an awesome Mom :)

Eastiopians said...

Oh wow, you and Lucy are such an inspiration to speak up and to teach our kids to do the same. Loved.

3GenerationsFarm said...

Yay, Lucy!!!! So proud of you, little girl! We've been talking about T-Paw here too, and it ain't good. Glad you bent a few ears about it!

cathy said...

that is the best post ever. i am so proud of you both. way to go...

cindy said...

So very cool! Yay Lucy! Yay Mama! (Has she seen School House Rock gov't videos yet? Sounds like she's ready for them.)

Jebena said...

Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings! Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King and Miss Dorothy Height are cheering from heaven--"Go Miss Lucy Go!"

PS...Keep standing Stacy!