Sunday, May 23, 2010

breaking in the new camping year

We had our first camping trip of 2010 this weekend.  It was cut short due to thunder/rain and my lack of desire to pack up wet soggy gear after two nights of little sleep.  We slept one night and that was good.  2010 marks the year where Lucy become actually helpful in setting up camp!  We two were able to get the tent up much much easier then in past years when I set it up alone whilst redirecting a wayward child.  Lucy was helpful all around, it's going to be a great camping season. 

one of Lucy's new jobs is to put our card on the post.  she did great!

it wasn't long before Lucy captured a frog.  she was so excited.

this little mole would not leave us alone. he was not afraid of us and lucy was obsessed with him

went on a little hike. lucy brought her backpack/purse

lucy is prepared to roast the marshmellows

and she waits

relaxing by the fire

getting her to relax and go to sleep was more challenging then in the past

shaking the pancake batter!

our annual lucy in the eagle nest photo.  she's getting so dang big.


Tami Tripp said...

Can't wait to camp again. It's just awesome that you guys go so often! Lucy is a lucky girl to have such a cool mama!

suzanne said...

fabulous pictures. my hubby and kid are testing out the new tent in the backyard tonight. i'm thinking of changing the locks. we never go camping on may long cause all the sites have been booked up since february. where do you go camping? it looks nice and woodsy (is that a word?)

Gracie's Mom said...

Lucy's a brave girl, I would have run screaming from the frog and mole!!!!!

Anonymous said...

So great to see a single mom camping with her kid! You're validating my dreams for the future!