Sunday, May 16, 2010

first fest of the summer!

It's going to be an awesome summer!  Lucy is going to be a great companion at festivals this summer. She loves the people, talking to everyone, petting the dogs hearing music.  Tonight we went to Lyn-Lake Festival

while waiting for the bus Lucy found a ripped up "dear john" letter.
part of it was missing leaving us with a big mystery over who loved who and
who hurt whose feelings.  Lucy handed over half of the half of the letter
to her bus seat buddy "random stranger/friend #1,228"
there were about 3 billion dogs at the Lyn-Lake festival
everyone of them admired and pettedy by Lucy.

Lucy watching "random stranger/friends #1,256 and 1,257"

Lucy and Har Mar Superstar
we had to miss most of this concert because of the close
proximity of a smoker.  Lucy, bless her heart is on a very
obsessed, very shaming of the public anti-smoking campaign.

Lucy and HarMar

Had to trick her into smiling ...


Tarah said...

Lucy is so gorgeous!!
I enjoy having friendly kids. It really makes outing enjoyable and interesting.
Has anyone told you lately that you are a fun mom?? :)

Jebena said...

Random Friend # --- bawahhhahahaha!

I've been restricted from using the computer by my ortho-doctor--reading this post and seeing Miss Lucy's friend count# so high made breaking the doctor's orders fun!

April said...

Lucy looks so beautiful in these pictures!! And I love the lesson in activism in the earlier post. Such a good mama.

I have been visiting your site for a long time, since before we brought our daughter home. I have loved watching Lucy grow and thrive.

Robbin Hopkins said...

Oh Lucy you are so beautiful!!!! please save that dress for us!!! Love it!

joven said...

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