Thursday, April 29, 2010

A week from tomorrow ...

I can't believe that Lucy is heading into her last week as a 4-year-old. Seriously can any of your believe this??? 
Here's the sleeping 4 year old tonight

and then we have her last year at this time when she was 3 years old and recovering from her surgery

and here at 2 years old

and 1 year (almost 2)

and almost 1 (in the stripes) with her friend Bennett ...
they were room mates in Ethiopia and now go to preschool together!

Nothing like going through old photos to help take my mind and heart off of the sad endings that will begin to take place tomorrow at work.  We go in to work and open an envelop in our mailbox, we'll either get a note with the agenda for an afternoon meeting to go over our agency plans for surviving the budget cuts or we'll get a note with a mornign meeting time to talk about our full or partial lay off.  We also find out how many families and children will loose services at our agency, and this kills me the most.  Uggghhh.


Jane said...

Oh Stacy, tomorrow will be a hard day no matter what is inside your envelope! California continues to have budget cuts and then a revised budget with cuts, in the end it is the children and families who truly lose. I'll be thinking of you!
Chris's mom from Peep-eye

Malia'sMama said...

The photo progression is awesome! happy almost b-day to Miss Lucy. Btw, where did you get the photo of Malia sleeping? :)

Mindy and Baldwin said...

Yeah, love the photo progression! Happy Birthday Lucy!

*sorry to hear about your work situation. that sounds awful.

3GenerationsFarm said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Updates on your job???

Mama Papaya said...

Been thinking of you Stacy (and denying that Lucy is going to be FIVE!). Hang in there. And happy almost birthday Lucy!