Tuesday, April 13, 2010

ahhhh Lucy

Lucy has mere months until she becomes a KINDERGARTENER and this momma is scared.  For one thing, how dare kids grow up this fast, how dare they.  Seriously. How is it that come 6:30 pm it seems like the minutes painfully and tantrumfully tick tock away until bedtime but at the same time the years whizz by flying maniaclly laughing at you "na na nanana"???  

a letter to Lucy (for the world to see):

Dear Lucy,

Momma is scared for you. You are about to enter the big ol' mean world of public education.  Dont' get me wrong, it's a lot of fun too.  You'll get to learn things and do things that momma couldn't teach you.  For now though I am nervous for you.  I am nervous that you are going to spend a lot of time getting into trouble for being you.  Your inability to NOT attend to every thing around you might not serve you well in a class of 28. Your need for socialization and vocalization might get you in trouble. You are such an individual, so very unique and artistic and all of these are really really awesome traits unless your teacher (and your mother at times ) just wants you to put the eyes and mouth INSIDE of the drawing of the head.  I get scared every night when I can't get you to listen to even one short book, or one chapter of a book. I know you know when grownups are unhappy with you and I know it just makes you act up even worse (you get so nervous about that) and it's breaking my heart to think of you going through hell over the next several years. 

Part of me really really hopes that you continue to prove me wrong.  That you excel at traditional learning, that you are an appropriate (not so bossy and tattle taley) peer to your fellow classmates.  I know I just have to let go and we will face these challenges together.

For now, lets enjoy this last spring and summer of your "little kidness" and be thankful for every painfully slow witching hour we have together. 

I love you,
helping plant our (now dead) tomato seedlings.  Mother Nature Gardens here we come

zep is a little OCD about these little tennis balls.

chatting with the neighbor dudes

my sleeping preschooler


K said...

Stacy - I can understand your concern, William was not a traditional learner either. His therapist told me point blank there was no way he would be able to handle kindergarten. You know what? He is an excellent student. I likes school, he likes learning, and he plays well with the other children. He can still be a nightmare at home, but at school he succeeds. I had to work closely with the teachers, and advocate for him at every turn, but it was worth it.
Have Lucy's teacher give her one to two 15 minute sensory breaks during the day- they do make a huge difference.
You will probably find many of your fears are just yours, and Lucy will find her way.
Good luck! Amy goes to Kindergarten in the fall too!

Gracie's Mom said...

I can imagine how u feel Stacy but Lucy is such an awesome child with a beautiful spirit. She's a born leader not a follower. I believe she will do well. And ur so right, how dare they grow up so fast. Ms. Gracie just told me " I got it momma moooovv"! We excuse me Ms. 2yr. old grown up.

D said...

Go in optimistic and don't let her be aware of your concerns/fears.

Both of my boys have totally different personalities at school compared to home. I usually don't recognize the kid the teacher is talking about during conferences.

However, I do suggest that for whatever school she goes to, try to make sure she has an experienced teacher. One of Jack's friends has a personality a bit like the Lu. He had a horrible time in kindergarten (the teacher was relatively new- about 3 years experience) and not adept at dealing/working with non-traditional learners. His mom (also a SWer) was desperate and almost crying.

His first grade teacher had about 25 years experience and was a whiz and putting him on tasks he could do and redirecting behavior before it got bad. It was an awesome year for him.

I'm not saying new teachers can't be good, but try to request one with at least 10 years of experience (or talking to parents of current students and get their feedback).

Bridget said...

From a kindergarten teacher's perspective (that'd be me.) Granted, I at times (a lot) vent about my classroom...but it's only because I absolutely adore them...in fact...just reading this is encouraging me to write a post about everything I love about teaching kindergarten...anyway....If you put this up for the world to see...why not let her classroom teachers see it as well. As soon as you know who that is going to be, send it to her, or hand deliver it. As a teacher, it's really nice to see these things...so sincerely heartfelt and real. I have my parents write their child a letter that I read to my class when they are star student. Through that letter (I read it aloud and I NEVER get through one without crying) I truly see the CHILD through the parent's eyes and it is so amazing. I love it. I also think that if Lucy would benefit from temporary breaks, that is completely reasonable to ask about... I have one student this year that takes a book on tape down to a literacy classroom and listens to it and then returns. 5-10 min. Returns a lot calmer. It helps. He also takes breaks across the hall in the other K class. That helps too. Good ideas. But, yes... SHARE THIS with Lucy's teacher! It will go a long way.
K rocks!

Jebena said...

Stacy, when the first day of school comes around, release her like the Biro-biro (butterfly) she is meant to be. Ypu'll be surprised how well she handles it all in stride!

PS...Mary J. Blige has reworked Led Zeppelin's, "Stairway To Heave"n and while listening to it, I immediately thought about YOU!!!

Malia'sMama said...

Malia starts j/k in september- 5 days all day long, and I am scared too, Mama...