Saturday, April 3, 2010

ahhhh Saturday

We had a perfect perfect day.  One of those days where there are no regrets.  Lovely.   After a stop at Cabela's to use mama's birthday gift card (hiking shoes!) we got lost for a long while and ended up at a nice (yet unplanned) hiking spot.  We had planned on going hiking but our original destination was lost to us.  We hiked for a good hour ...
Lucy was looking cute and ready to hike!

she got a bear whistle (she has a new "fear" of making bears mad)

a lot of our hike was spent like this ... looking for bugs and stuff

she liked the freedom of being able to run ahead

had her face painted first

she thought the moss was gross and was trying to scrape it off the path

Lucy collected acorns and hid them under leaves for the squirrels to find

rolled down the hills

thought the sun behind the clouds was so pretty

We came home from our hike, and lucy slept for an hour.  I cooked some Facebook Black Bean Stone Soup (that would be soup I started making, and then after Facebook friend advice, I continued to add ingrediants until it was done).  While the soup stewed in it's own juices Lucy and I went for another hike.  We returned and ate a bowl, it was so yummy and Lucy ate the whole bowl!  Our New Year's resolution is really paying off. 


Malia'sMama said...

LOVE days like that! Here's to many more!

Eastiopians said...

What a wonderful day! The hike looks absolutely does your daughter. :)