Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and then out

Easter Sunday was our last hurrah before reentering the mean ole world of work.  Please know that I'll tone down the working mother whining come September when Lucy is in kindergarden (except for class field trip days, class volunteer opportunities, and every stinking summer).  Anyways back to the joy right?   Let's tell the story of Sunday and Monday in photos shall we ...
Lucy and Great Grandma before easter dinner

sweet kisses for Jen

on the hunt

cousin tyler's haul

watching Tyler work

tossing the cauliflower in balsamic vinegar and olive oil for tonights dinner

Lucy was in charge of washing the chard*

*Carrie (MP and HG's mom) has convinced us that chard is da bomb.  Sort of bombed tonight but that was likely the fault of the cook and we are committed to trying again once it's in season here!


cathy said...

i just bought my first leek, thanks to that crazy carrie. no way will i upgrade to chard until i have some kind of cooking certification--which is never.

Caren said...

I just found your blog-very nice! I am a single mom too of two adopted little boys. My blog is private, but if you email me at cdgeppert@sbcglobal.net, I can invite you. (I always feel badly reading other people's blogs without sharing my own!) :) Your daughter is beautiful! Enjoy!!