Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday ... and we still have one whole day left!

Sunday morning we loaded up Mel's mom's mini-van and headed to my favorite state park, Mille Lac's Kathio
we stopped in the trail center to use the facilities and let the Eaglets rest a bit

and we hit the open trail running, we were running away from the mosquitoes.

a short in distance hike can take up a lot of time when you are short and notice everything

hiking sticks were a highly sought after fashion accessory

after our hiking, playing, picnicking and driving to the cities, we got back into our car and headed to the zoo. Lucy FINALLY stopped talking long enough to fall asleep ... she needed to get her beauty rest because...

we were about to come face to face, in person, same place same time as the beautiful Gracie from Texas. Yeah, a cuteness explosion did in fact occur at Como Zoo on Sunday afternoon. It almost hurt to look at these two together. It was so much fun to meet this little cutie and her awesome parents. Now if we could only move Texas closer or at least convince (lie???) Gracie's parents that MN winters really aren't that bad.

with great beauty also comes great speed and activity and capturing these two together in the same shot was nearly impossible.

Lucy loved the merry-go-round she laughed the whole time.
We are home now and Lucy is in bed. Let's relive today once again in list form:
1. left home at 8:30am
2. arrived at state park at 11am
3. Hiked and played until 1:30pm
4. drove to zoo and walked about 1/2 mile due to the fact that most of MN was at Como Zoo
5. played at zoo until nearly 6pm
6. drove home
7. ate
8. swam in backyard pool
9. went to bed
don't you think that I deserve sleep until at least 7:30am tomorrow?????


Kristy said...

I think you should get super mom award holy cow just reading all that made me tired what a day. Are the girls related? So cute!

risa said...

Busy, busy day! I know you're mission is to keep little Lucy busy and you succeeded. Hope you both slept well.

Mama Papaya said...

Oh my busy! Way to seize the weekend my friend. Hope you are sleeping it off during the work week!