Friday, May 8, 2009

The 4 year old stats ...

Lucy had her well child check up today. During the appointment Lucy was BOUNCING OFF THE WALLS both literally and figuratively. I kept wanting to do a disclaimer about how she was normally quite spirited but this was a bit over the top. Somehow our wonderful pediatrician got us through the appointment.

So a day after her 4th birthday Lucy:
weighs 32#
stands 38 3/4" tall
and has a BMI of 14.9

Lucy had high scores on her ability to communicate. No problems there. My fears that this child is not learning her academics (letter recognition) were laid to rest (a little) as she immediately named the letters on the eye exam. When I try asking her what letters are she feigns that she doesn't know.

Basically Lucy is awesome. She had another great day in her new kinder, more balanced self. Now all I ask is that she sleep a bit later.

So far I love 4 year olds.


Melanie said...

Me too!!!!

cathy said...

That's such good news, Stacy. Lucy is wonderful through and through--no doctor needs to tell me that!

Jill said...

I love reading about Lucy. She sounds SO much like Mari!! At Mari's 2-yr checkup the pediatrician said "wow, she's really smart, wow, you REALLY have your hands full!" At least it's nice to be validated! And I don't think I'd have her any other way. Okay, that's a lie...a little calmer at times would be nice but I love her enthusiasm. I hope Mari continues on the same personality track as Lucy...Lucy seems like an awesome little girl!