Friday, May 15, 2009


It's been a long day. By the time I dropped Lucy off at preschool this morning I had: started a load of laundry, fed her breakfast, had 2 going on 3 cups of coffee, mowed the back yard, watered the back garden, hung the laundry on the line, dead headed the flower basket and stripped our beds. I was called from preschool at 12ish because the teachers were concerned that Lucy might be getting sick. She (Lucy) was acting lethargic and cranky. I didn't have a lot of my work plate so I was able to go pick her up. I brought her to work with me. I saw no signs of the lethargy. We hung out at work for awhile and headed home to fix her hair. Lucy had a nap on the way to Kok Sool Kids (pre-martial arts class). It was her first class. I think we are going to love it! The class prepares kids for regular martial arts but the preschool class focuses on 8 developmental characteristics: 1. respect 2. flexibility 3. strength 4. concentration 5. right attitude 6. perseverance 7 self-control and 8. patience. Today they focused on concentration (concentrating and listening to people). The instructor (who has a BA in child-psychology) had a very short "lecture" on how to show someone you are listening to them. It was great. Then they did a bunch of activities. They kept the kids (Lucy) in line and were kind but consistent in expecting that she follow the rules. I think this will be perfect for her as she enters the stage where she has greater ability to listen and follow direction but still lacks desire. They also have homework for the kids, in order to move up the kids have to be able to demonstrate some behaviors at home like: no whining for a day, over coming a fear, listening, non violent, yelling problem solving, helping etc.

She was freakn' adorable in this class. Cute cute cute. No photos, I was intimidated. Yes Sir!

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MysteriousMindy said...

Wow that sounds like just the ticket to peace and harmony between the two of you...keep us updated on how it's going both at class and at home...I'm very interested in it!