Thursday, May 7, 2009

Birthday Party Photos

An evening of babysitting turned into a convenient friends birthday party for Lucy. Here is some random ordered photographic evidence of the chaos that followed:

cake on the deck

baseball hat and scarf from auntie Jen.

getting lots of help opening gifts

Jakeenos Pizza for birthday dinner

flowers for those who loved her first, and those that have to miss out on this beautiful girls life.

nurturing the earth worms. dear worms of s. mpls, I am so sorry.

auntie Jen, Lucy and the worms

as close to a group shot as I could muster

spinning fast and spinning hard

some help from Nathan

I tried to get a shot of Nathan resting in the chair but he quite suddenly sprung to life

it's a home run!

skateboarding down the hill, lessons provided by Isaac

and rest time. whew


Kibbles said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Its so fun watching you get bigger!

(Super job, Mama!)

Mama Papaya said...

Happy (third) birthday baby girl! Slow down beautiful.

Kerri said...

Looks like a great party!

Theresa said...

She has certainly grown into the most adorable 4 year old I have ever seen. I sure hope you are at the picnic this year so I can see her in person. We met last year but would love to meet again.