Saturday, January 12, 2008


A conversation at an Ethiopian spiritual concert this afternoon:

Ethiopian woman: Hello Eskedar, how old are you?
Lucy (Eskedar): I 2!
Ethiopian woman: Do you speak Amharic?
Lucy (Eskedar): Si, Hola!
Ethiopian woman: I think that means no.


CINDY... said...

That is hilarious!! Thanks for making me smile this morning, Lucy (and Lucy's mama).

Malia'sMama said...

Bahahahahahaha!!! Luc, you're a card!:)

Mama Papaya said...

You crack me up Lucy Loo!

Debbie said...

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it!!


Christina said...

rofl...absolutely hysterical!

Mrs. Baker said...


Hi! I'm Laura & this is my blog. said...

that was too funny!!!

Anonymous said...

HA! This made me laugh out loud at the computer! Thank you for posting this! I'm still laughing even as I type thinking about sweet Lucy saying that!