Friday, September 28, 2007


Thanks to all of you for your thoughts during Lucy's recent rebound into the land of sickness. She is feeling better right now. Lucy is being treated for a sinus infection and the doctor is testing for various other possible causes for all of these little bugs that keep hounding her. Now on to the blog post for today.

I thought I would do a little list of some of the things that currently belong ONLY to Lucy:

1. the air vents at the daycare (three times she's reminded me of this)

2. the pretty moon

3. something was hers at 3 this morning, it was hers and not Lisa's (I don't know who Lisa is and what it was Lisa was trying to take, but for crying out loud Lisa please don't take Lucy's stuff in the middle of the night, we all suffer)

4. Anything that Morgan looks at

5. all of the stuff in Isaac and Nathan's house

6. bubbles floating in the air

7. grandpa

8. anyone elses grandpa

9. the entire contents of Target

10. the rice krispies that are stuck in the grill of her play stove

11. my bedroom

12. did I mention the air vents at daycare??? she loves the air vents, and they are HERS

Here is one thing she'll gladly leave to anyone who wants it (unless it is in use as a dance floor)

BLANKETS ... she hates them (unless they belong to Isaac, Nathan or Morgan).

I keep thinking that Lucy somehow got ahold of the three toddler books I possess and studied what she should be doing at this stage of her life and I keep giving her A+++++ for being the textbook toddler.


Nancy said...

Once again, a funny, funny, funny post!!

As Makena unfolds I try to avoid seeing her in text book categories but you know, they do hold truth.

"Mine" just seemed to come out of no where one day and the tantrums seem to be an obvious fit as well. Classic two year-old behavior.

Lucy and Makena did very well together given they are both in charge of the universe. Though Makena has not yet set her sights on the moon, Lucy has paved the way to a very admirable claim.

Just know this...the sun from my childhood, it still follows me :)

Malia'sMama said...

Mal hasn;t learned the word mine, but if Lucy ever came over, there'd definitely be a fight for the air vents!! :)

Karen said...

I'm right with you, Lucy - everything at Target is mine, mine, mine!!! :-)

curlz1205 said...

I'm sorry Lucy, since according to mom, I'm "Lisa" and have tormented you in your sleep. (There's an explanation people)....hopefully we can remedy this situation shortly. Risa