Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dear Nancy....

Thank you thank you thank you for taking the two of us on during an already stressfull time. You were a great hostess and I so enjoyed having time to talk with you and be with you... later this morning, staring out the window being with you in silence for awhile felt very comfortable and homey. Thanks again ...

Here are a few memorable moments:

1. You fought the woman parking enforcer and you won. My friend Deb will NOT believe what Lucy was not in while in a moving vehicle! I was pretty impressed with the way you sped past the woman with her stop hand out ... I thought maybe it was a Chicago thing but now I know ... now I know ...

2. Thanks for not freaking out when my kid bit your kid. I freaked out enough for both of us but I would have understood if you got upset ... but again thanks for being mellow (it was stressfull enough).

3. Thanks for stopping for the diet cokes. I love them. They sustain me.

4. Thanks for the key lime pie and the chocolate cake.

5. You have to tell me what ended up happening with the odd event that transpired as I was leaving.

6. Your daughter is a joy and a wonder. She is happy and balanced. You are a great mommacita.

7. Thanks for introducing me to some of the Chicago area crowd. The gossiping was fun.

8. I wish I was wittier.

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Nancy said...

Dear Stacy and Lucy:

You two are awesome and it is no accident that our paths crossed at the time they did.

The both of you are one of those amazing gifts we talked about.