Sunday, September 9, 2007

Dear Lucille,

You started swimming lessons with mommy today. I am really proud of you that you aren't scared (at all) of the water. I am smiling with happiness that the things that got the other kids down barely made you blink an eye. I LOVED that while the other toddlers gingerly stepped off the floating piece of foam during the "jumped over the candle stick" part of the song you LEAPED over that dang candle stick (even if mommy hadn't quite made it around the foam to catch you. I do ask a couple of favors. (1) During swimming lessons, while we are in water WAY over your head and while we are in group instruction, I can not "put you down" no matter how loud you scream it, or how hard you try to push away from me. At times you had me tempted to "put you down" but again it was a group lesson and we were already getting lots of looks. So please, use your brain ... I simply can't "put you down" in the middle of a swimming pool (maybe after we make it through the lessons). (2) The pool is not yours. (3) The pool toys are not yours. (4) That little boy's daddy is not "momma". (5) Mommy's swim suit is meant to stay on her shoulders, trust me no one needs to see it off. (6) Please don't try to kick your friend Morgan in the face again.

As you guessed, we had a rough go at it this morning during our first swim lesson. Lucy was a super rock star 2 year old and mommy hadn't had enough coffee to dull that pain. I was also in a swim suit in public. Next week I will be prepared, coffee, coffee, another towel and some more coffee.

We had a better afternoon. Lucy showed her rational side by being a better balanced two year old at the zoo and we had a blast.


Malia'sMama said...

OOOOH, I soooo feel your pain about the swim suit in public! Mal and I start lessons next Saturday (we were aupposed to start this Saturday, but wasn;t going to miss the Ethiopian Picnic!)and I still haven't found anything that remotely makes me feel good! :)
Let's hope Lucy has heeded your advice and the next lesson will be more fun than folly! :)

Jen and Dan said...

I loved that post...... Actually I love all your posts!

I can't wait to see more pic's of Lucy while at her swim lessons. She is so intrepidacious! (I don't think that is even a word. LOL) Love it and I hope you can keep your swim top on! : )

curlz1205 said...

It's so easy to love Lucy's sass and spunk from afar...I mean, when you're not that person living with her and having to deal with the down side of "attitude". People so often thought Cy was cute when I wanted to choke him! So, I appreciate your frustrations and pleadings to be more on task. But...she is completely adorable!

Anonymous said...


Anne said...

This sounds so much like Isa. When she was three, we tried signing her up for kiddie gymnastics -- we lasted all of two classes. She couldn't handle taking turns, thought it was *her* trampoline, got bent out of shape when she couldn't do every single thing Her Way -- i.e., the daredevil approach. She ended up having total meltdowns, and I had to ask myself, "I'm paying MONEY for this?" :)

Now she's eight and she's been in gymnastics for a year...and loving it. My other girls would have been fine, but she's just a different sort of kid!

(I have to add that Lucy's the definition of cuteness, as always!)