Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dear Jayme ...

FINALLY we met! I should have asked for your autograph. I felt like I've known you forever, how nice to be able to just ease into a relationship with little or no weirdness! Just a few things for you:

1. You put together a fondue for lots of people in like 25 minutes ... it takes me that long to find my keys to get to the grocery store.

2. You looked perfect sitting between your two kids at that restaurant. I couldn't stop smiling.

3. I might drive to Chicago just to go to that park. Perfect for our kids!

4. I and E are too cute and uber smart ... I kinda thought you were exagerating on your blog but nope!

5. I hope you are able to receive as much as you give J from that short time I could just sense the compassion in you ...

6. Soon ... I will put a montage with loads of cute photos of your kids ... wait for it

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jayme said...

Dear Stacy and Lucy,

I can't tell you how great it was to finally meet you guys! This crazy adoption process has connected me with some incredible people who truly inspire me and whom I hope to call friends for many years to come.

Stacy, you are such a fantastic mom. I love how you encourage Lucy's free spirit and natural curiousity. Kudos to you for raising one of the next generation of independent women!

Lucy, you are an absolute joy to be around. You are everything your momma says and much much more: Adorable, super-smart, a little bit mischievious, and with a brightness inside you that could light the darkest room.

And a 2 year old who can belt out Bon Jovi with the best of 'em? I think you might just be the coolest kid ever.