Monday, June 11, 2007

Lucy is less irrational

Lucy is starting to (at times) act like a rational human being. I can (at times) reason with her. This is as surprising to me as it is to her. Often after a tantrum avoided ... we'll just stare at each other "gee whiz, this talking stuff actually works!" I love it when a potentially explosive situation ends peacefully and we both win. Lucy usually wins more because I rarely get gummy bears for holding my mommy's hand ... and it's even more rare when I am offered more goat milk after I eat just 2 more bites of chicken. So maybe we aren't really "talking it out" it's more like she's starting to understand the power of bribery. I love bribes! We just returned home tonight after a long weekend of house/dog/cat sitting ending with a grandfinale of house/dog/cat/and kid sitting. Lucy could not understand why the "owners" of the house would return after 4 days and expect that the toys become "theirs" again ... Lucy had just had 4 days of laying claim to all of those toys. I am so glad to be home. I hope that the nightime cold medicine hits soon and my head will hit my air conditioned cooled pillow and off to slumberland I will go. I am going to go dig for a photo to post ... it's been awhile since the camera has been out and used (what a slacker).


Tarah said...

Lucy is so beautiful! I love when the age of reasoning hits. Enjoy this, only too soon will they try and talk you into other things! And I know with her big eyes, she will probably get away with a bit!

Anonymous said...

So. she has mama wrapped around her little finger, eh?
Big surprise! lol
MalĂ­a's mama

Scarlett_333 said...

What a beautiful little girl- love her hair!