Thursday, June 7, 2007

It's a little more then a rumor ...

I have heard it from a reliable source. I am feeling sad. The rumor is that Ethiopia is taking steps to limit singles from adopting from Ethiopia. It's not happening "right now" but neither is another possible adoption for me ... by the time I have the resources the rumor will probably be a well established rule. It's hard to continually get your choices taken away.

Well ... had to get that out. On a non adoption note I discovered today (not a big surprise) that Lucy does not have it in her spirit to be a child model. Let's put it a different way, Lucy is too spirited! I decided to try bringing her to a "photo shoot" for a line of organic baby clothes called "Happy Green Bee" (Carrie Out West .. if you're reading this you might want to google this clothing line ... your little MP would look adorable in these clothes). The deal was you get a free pair of socks, and a 5X7 professional portrait for letting these people dress your kid in adorable clothes and take photos. Lucy was about the most oppositional that she has ever been. We were sitting in a Natural Home store with a bunch of hippies who love nature and have children named "Willow" and "River" and my kiddo is 1. pulling down the backdrop 2. hitting the organic bunny with the natural wood hammer (she wasn't being "gentle" with the bunny) 3. standing up when the photographer layed down 4. sitting down when the photographer stood up and 4. pulling her cute organic shirt up to show off her belly. I will laugh when I get the 5X7 of Lucy.

Maybe one child is enough.


Mama Papaya said...

Okay, I am sure the photographer wasn't thrilled, but what a freaking riot! Our girls must be somehow distantly related.

Those clothes are absolutely adorable by the way.

As for the rumor... :( :( :(

Nancy said...

Stacy my sympathies are with you. I know how it feels to have your plans foiled by rules. I have faith another door will open for you or perhaps the rule will not go into effect for some reason or another.

jayme said...

Hi Stacy,

The rumours about new regulations and criteria for Ethiopian adoptions make me so sad. Not only for the amazing parents out there who will have one less option available, but also for the kids who will lose the opportunity to be a part of a great family.

I understand that the program is growing by leaps and bounds, and that some restrictions are necessary, but I would much rather them limit the number of agencies that can be licensed than restrict family type.

I'm holding out hope that they'll make exceptions for families who have already adopted children from Ethiopia...