Saturday, June 23, 2007

Genius toddler spends first night away from mom in 20 months

I am going to try not to "overblog" this but had to share that tonight will be our first night away from each other since October 24th 2005. Tomorrow morning, the first face Lucy will see with be grandpas. It's highly likely he'll be up about 2 hours before she wakes up, and he'll be staring into the pack and play willing her to wake up so he has someone to talk to. She'll be fine. I'll be fine sleeping past 6am for the first time in like forever. I am a little anxious and I have a feeling she is getting a taste of the high life with grandma and grandpa catering to her every whim and demand. I spent 2 hours outside in the front yard making it look "less crappy" ... and anyone who stopped by and saw the front yard would have a hard time believing that anyone just spent two hours deforesting. It was that bad (I haven't been without child in my house since October 24 2005). I am posting some photos. Notice the one of the train track, she built that herself ... she's probably going to be an engineer.

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