Saturday, January 20, 2007

Never ending cold....

I honestly never imagined that I would be one of those worriers as a mom. Choking, car accidents, head injuries, poisoning ... you name it, I have been afraid it's lurking around the corning waiting to grab my kid. This doesn't keep us from going out and having fun. On the outside I actually appear fairly laid back (most of the time) about this stuff. Take germs ... now I have been very concerned and upset about Lucy's never ending cold. I am worried that she is going to start thinking of the kleenex as a security blanket. Most people see a runny nose. I see a potential life changing problem. She's had the cold since before Christmas. Should I be worried abou this??? I have a list of worries to present the doctor on Thursday at our "why does she stay sick for so long" appointment. Sometimes I fear that she'll progressively get further and further behind on the language development scale. For awhile it seemed that she was on top of the game, but she hasn't stayed up to speed. She understands language. It floors me sometimes that she understands what I am saying.

Here is my short list of worries: her being sick forever, not drinking enough liquids (does she have a swallowing issue?), falling all the time (is it just her foot), not using many words, hitting, biting, pinching, not wanting me to get her out of bed in the morning (does she prefer being alone in her bed to being in my arms?), at least one near choke at each meal, even with soft food, or food that has been choke proofed.

here is a shout-out to my readers: does anyone know anyone who could make custom slippers/mocassins (slip proof) for my kid? Our searches have been fruitless. She has one foot that is smaller then a newborns foot ... she needs a slipper that is tiny for that foot and holds on around the ankle ... the other foot is average and needs the same style slipper but bigger of course.

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