Sunday, January 21, 2007

Big men, bad sweaters, big cry

Lucy's new big phobia: Big men in bad sweaters jumping. Sounds real random right? That's Lucy. I think that she might have crushed the spirit of the jumping man. Here we were, testing out a new church ... and this nice man (bad sweater) tries to engage Lucy and get her to smile. He tried peek-a-boo, nothing ... he tried talking to her, nothing ... he then tried the next best thing, JUMPING up and down. This jumping scared Lucy like nothing has scared her ... all of those blood draws were nothing compared to the cries and tears the jumping man drew from Lucy this morning. Thankfully she flew right into my arms and I got a hug a mile long. The sweater man was comforted by others who witnessed the interaction. To offset the super fear Lucy did decide to spend most of the service with a random man at the other end of our pew. Hmmmm. See, she keeps me on my toes.

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