Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The day the music died...

I had to stop the song. You'll be glad to know that I would have had no photos to go with the "I'm a joker, I'm a smoker, I'm a midnight toker" section of the song and I just felt it was best to stop while I was ahead. Lucy is growing up so fast. There are times I look at her and take a sharp breath, and wonder where my baby went. Other times she just looks at me with this stare, indicating that she is oh so done with the compliancy of babyhood. More nights then not she doesn't fall asleep in my arms ... we still have a long snuggle but I can tell that she can't get relaxed and when I ask her if she's ready to go to her bed she nods yes in the sweetest way. I want to swaddle her up and keep her young. I just finished reading "I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla" and the book was great at offering real world advice on helping your child (and yourself) deal with race and racism. The most important thing (at this time) I took from the book is to cherish these few years where they are innocent and pure. It goes so fast.

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Hi! It's your baby cousin here. Can you link to my new baseball blog because you I will be posting pictures of the coolest MN Twins fan (I am talking about Lucy, not me).

Here it is: