Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saturday and Sunday a photo story

Saturday we went to the zoo. The beginning of a beautiful weekend.
Lucy had her new overshoe boots on and was a seeker of puddles.

She'll find every puddle. I don't think we saw any animals.

This puddle went over the top of her boots, oops.

Played at the playground in the zoo. FUN FUN FUN

The boots made her slide very very slowly.

So she went back to puddle jumping.

This was a bad bad splash. I think the other parents (the one who wanted their kids to stay dry, hated the bad example we were setting).

Looking at a prairie dog.

We got home from the zoo, ran to Target to buy a movie about a sparkly boy named Edward, and then went back outside, in short sleeves, for the rest of the afternoon.

After a long "get the mud off" bath our newest neighbor Rulio from Haiti, fixed Lucy's bike tires and we were off for a bike ride.

Today we spent all day outside. Lucy got a new spring dress from Auntie Deb and Uncle Dennis.

We definately made use of the nice weather. We were outdoors almost all the time. This morning Lucy and I were out by 8:30 it felt like we were camping, me standing outside with a mug of coffee and Lucy digging around in the dirt looking for rocks. It was fun and more fun.


Kristy said...

I love your pictures so cute! Lucy's new dress adorable, we also spent most of the weekend outdoors!

Nancy said...

Be-u-t-ful dress Miss Lucille.

Ooh puddles are so much fun.

Malia'sMama said...

Pretty dress, but doesn't say "Lucy" to me! Maybe if she wears it with sunglasses and her crocs? :)
She's a total puddle jumpin' into hearts cutie!

D said...

Flashback to my childhood...except my mom used to make us slide breadbags over our shoes to make the rubber boots slide on better. Terribly embarrassing.