Monday, March 2, 2009


We went back to the doctor tonight. Thanks to Melanie who held down the fort at our house WITH Isaac, Nathan and Jacob (basically doing my job for me). The nurses wanted Lucy to be seen tonight as opposed to tomorrow due to some concerns.

So (because I often use this blog to go back and "remember" when Lucy got sick, was on antibiotics etc) tonight we changed antibiotics since the amox. wasn't doing a think for the bugs in her nose and her tonsils were still very enlarged. Lucy was also put on claritin as they found allergy cells in her nasal swab. I thought we'd make a quick run to the pediatrician and have him tell us "it's a virus" or "that's how it'll be until they come out" but instead it was blood tests, strep test, nasal swab .... poor Mel, I asked her if she could watch the boys for a quick hour.

Lucy will start on the new antibiotic tomorrow. I gave her a hit of claritin in her sleep (she wakes up a lot on her own accord, but she'll usually sleep through changing beds, and giving medicine). I just hope this helps her for the next month and a half until her surgery. She's just so tired and volitile at time (oh lord I hope the volitility is due to the tiredness).

The photos are from sledding at Mel's brothers house on Sunday.


Kristy said...

Allergy's can make them so tired even without the medicine, Aaron was like in a cloudy daze for the last two weeks from allegies now getting better but I was getting a little concerned allgeries will wear them out. Aaron got tonsils out adnoids out and tubes put in about 4 months ago and doing much better this winter good luck with surgery.

UAA Preschool said...

Hope Lucy is feeling better! Love the new look of your blog although I LOVED the picture of Lucy by the stone arch bridge. She's not even my kid and I could put that one up in my house!

You won the first give away at UAA on our blog! YIPPEE....since I set it up I'll let the office know and make sure they credit your account when I'm in on Thursday.

Have a good night....I hope....

cathy said...

I know it's hard, but she probably doesn't know what it's like to feel really, really well. And you are one amazing mama for meeting her every need and comforting her through all these setbacks. You rock, my friend.

Mama Papaya said...


I am so, so sorry Lucy is battling the crud again this year. Fingers crossed that removal of those pesky tonsils and adenoids helps. And that they don't come back again!

Hang in there Stacy.