Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday ...

Blue barrettes for blue day at school
Leaving the house she got her boy doll, her doctor's kit and some Irish Cream(for mommy)

I am at home ALONE on a Friday evening. Auntie Jen has taken Lucy and Zep on a playdate in the suburbs. I have two - three hours alone in my house. I choose to blog for a little bit.

Lucy and I still have our ups and downs and she still gets me completely boggled over what to do about her behavior at times. I think though, the downs are getting shorter. I think. For example, we don't usually have a lot of issues in the mornings any more. Whew. Still an evening apart every now and then is refreshing and rewarding.

After two years of Lucy coveting Isaac and Nathan's crocs I finally figured out how to make it work for Lucy with her one little foot. I found some infant "crocs" at target and bought a pair. I tried one on her small foot and she was SO EXCITED. The next day we went in search of a bigger pair for her other foot but one store didn't have them and then a series of meltdowns took away our ability to search in another store. The next day my parents picked them up and I was able to bring them to school when I picked her up. The first thing Lucy asked me was "did you buy the crocs?". She was soooooo excited. She's been wearing them ever since. She wears them until bedtime and then first thing in the morning on they go. In fact this morning here was our very first conversation:
Lucy: "mama mama mama mama"
Me: going into her room "good morning Lucy" opening her window
Lucy: "oh good, now I can get my crocs"

it is indescribable how freakn' cute she is about these cheap off brand crocs. I have a feeling that in the next couple weeks grandma and grandpa will expand her croc color choices. I am so happy that she'll have a cool option for summer (she can't wear sandals or regular sneakers with the orthopedic insert as the shoe will just spin around her ankle). I am also happy she has something to wear on sandy/rocky beaches.


Amy and Eliana said...

Yay for Lucy and her crocs...sometimes it is the littlest things in life, huh? and Yay for you getting to have some free time! What a special treat - not something I get very often either and I sure do miss it!

Malia'sMama said...

Aw, such a sweet story! Mal adores her Croc-offs (that's what I call knock offs :) and we've gone through about 4 pairs already. Glad Lucy is showing Mama her sweetness more and more.

Kristy said...

Aaron also loves his crocs I love that he can put them on himself it's the only thing he can put on himself still having a hard time with pulling up pants maybe it's my fault I just do everything for him. Cute story!

Theresa said...

Lucy cracks me up! I really wish Maya and her could play together as they seem so alike.

Hair question for you - have you ever been to the braid factory on 46th and Chicago? I heard they do a great job. I'm thinking of taking Maya there the next time we are in the cities.