Sunday, November 4, 2007

Swimming Marvel

Well Lucy officially graduated to the next swimming level. She is not eligible for "Littles" classes yet because she is not three. She will be stuck in "Tots 3" for a couple of sessions. Come this summer she will be swimming without momma in the pool. Wow huh? I love the girl but I think I'll love her even more from the side of the pool in my dry clothes. After our naps (momma napped too) we called auntie Barb (great auntie Barb) and went to the park. Lucy and Barb had fun playing together and I just intevened when necessary. Lucy has entered a new stage. I call it "witch hours". If she would have started this sooner she would have had a different, more fitting Halloween costume. For a couple hours each day Lucy is completely witchy. She's talks back, is very demanding, rude and uncooperative. The witchiness turns on without warning and then after a loooonnnggg couple of hours my daughter comes back. I kinda hoped that daylight savings would have snapped her internal clock so her witchy hours would happen during daycare but I am afraid she saves those for me ... lovely.


Nancy said...

Witch hours!! I love it!!

I also like D's description of "spontaneous combustion" to describe those toddler moments of evil that push me right to the edge!! Thank goodness there are many moments of cute and adorable that lure me back.

Congrats Lucy on being a swimming marvel!

cathy said...

Every day after school I get two "people" who call me mom but I don't recognize. Only after we're home, filled with snacks, and desensitized by PBS do I realize, "Oh, those are my kids!" I hate witchy hours.