Sunday, April 10, 2011


Lucy found her new best girl friend this weekend:
It was really amazing the way these two connected after two years apart.
They don't read blogs, they aren't on FB but still ... it was like picking up where
they left off, only better.

I have never seen Lucy engage for so long, so positively in
same-age peer play as I have this weekend with Mimi

Lest I be less-than-honest, I'll let you know that it was either twice as nice or
twice as obnoxious with these two ... but nice or obnoxious, it was really

Speaking for myself, the reunion of the mama's after two years was pretty sweet as well. 


cathy said...


Nancy said...

speaking for myself - it was just what my soul needed. you're a good friend. and glad M and Lucy have found that in each other as well.

Malia'sMama said...

Twice as obnoxious! That made me laugh out- counds more like two teens :)

Mama Papaya said...

Pretty stinking cute, those girls. Glad you all found your connection in your reconnection.

Shannon- said...

Beautiful!! Miss seeing that girls face. Give her momma a hug too!