Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I blame Facebook

It's a common story, face book killed the blog. I have to remember that part of why I keep my blog is to provide Lucy with a well documented narration of her young childhood (I imagine I might have to eventually stop broadcasting her life). We've been busy busy busy. Coming down off of spring break, getting ready for weekend visitors, living life! I love spring, Lucy loves spring. We love being outside and expanding the boundaries of our home once again. We love our firepit and roasting marshmallows with our friends and neighbors. Barely survived the winter but here we are celebrating spring and life!!!

We colored a few Easter eggs, basically to survive the afternoon and so Lucy could have some protein in her lunches.

                            Lucy and her "niece" Nellie the dog had some sunny bonding time.

we had some very difficult and honest conversation about murder. A young woman was shot and killed 1/2 a block from our house. Lucy saw the memorial. I told her what happened. Crashed a little of the childhood innocence. Terrible.

Lucy got an appointment at Shriner's. Here she is getting fitted for a partial prosthesis. The adaptive tech dude tells her she should be able to wear flip flops. She is over the moon. Adding to her excitement was the fact that I gave her a pretend doctors exam, to calm her down and pass the time and discovered a very loose bottom tooth! Lucy is sooooo excited about loosing her first tooth.

Lucy asked for a mohawk. I wouldn't shave her head or dye it red (such a lame lame mom)

so we created a fauxhawk. it actually looks way more awesome and 'hawky in real life. She was pretty excited.

Also on Lucy's list of fun exciting things:

1. her best friend Garrett (a sub at my work) who she describes are very cute is going to get her her very own composting worms. She can't wait until they have babies.

2. she has a beetle in her bug house, which is in my house

3. the snow has all melted, which means plenty of mud

4. she has figured out how to put diapers on my mom's little doxie (dog), and can't wait to see the dog again!


Mama Papaya said...

The second picture. Wow. She is stunning.

Welcome back to blogland. :)

Theresa said...

I blame facebook too!

The Lost Planetista said...

Lucy is getting a worm farm?! COOL! We live next door to Dew Drop's grandma who has a worm farm and it is nothing short of AMAZING. Lucy will love sorting the worms. The worm "castings" are super fab for plants too.

I blame fb, too. I like fb all right, but I think it lacks in creativity. It's like random thoughts but not strung together- and certainly not good for posterity.

I think sometimes about when I quit blogging Dew Drop's every move- it would be cool to hand the blog over to her at that point (if blogs still exist) and she could get sweet revenge on me and blog my every move from her perspective. Ya never know, but I'm game. It's only fair. :)

Nancy said...

a loose bottom tooth. they will for sure have a bonding moment.

fb, fb, fb. i'll never understand the allure (and i do realize i am a freak of social nature and probably the only one in the universe not on fb). not broad enough for my creative paint brush :)

glad you still hang onto your blog.