Saturday, April 16, 2011


Lucy is such a looser. 

Lucy had her first baby tooth come out.  First thing I learned about teeth coming out was that it totally grosses me out (thanks mom).  Uck.  Lucy was all alone in the getting the tooth out endeavor because her mom was cringing in a corner and covering her eyes (yes i was).  Second thing I learned about Lucy loosing her first tooth was that it sent me into momentary depression.  I saw that sucker come in.  I gave her frozen wash cloths to chew on and felt that sharp little tooth bite down on my finger and now it's gone.  It may seem like just a tooth, but to me it's just another way of proving that I have absolutely no control over the fact that Lucy is growing up way too fast.  I am sure none of you are surprised to hear that Lucy is THRILLED that she is growing up. 

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