Saturday, July 24, 2010

road trip

This morning after wavering between totally doing nothing, cleaning & organizing, letting Lucy swim in our back yard pool, and again doing nothing, I very spontaneously decided to do a road trip to Duluth.  I called Mel and she was in so off we went.  Thankfully she had his bike in her trunk and we were able to fit both bikes in my new (to me) swagger wagon.  Yup, I am a minivan mom and totally loving it!!!   So we popped a DVD in the built in player and off we went.  

First stop was the Munger bike trail, accessed through Jay Cooke State Park.   This fun easy bike ride on a designated bike trail turned out to be more complicated then letting her ride on the sidewalks of s. Minneapolis.  HOLY CRAP, the spills these two took, it was amazing there wasn't a broken limb or three. 

They did amazing (spirits wise).  Turns out Lucy wasn't too good at brake application.  Her training wheels weren't overly stable and well, the combination of the two issues had her at one point flying into the foliage on the side of the path so fast and hard that she almost completely disappeared.  She came out angry, and i was mad too (mostly scared) that she refused to let me show her how to use the brakes again, and instead took off peddling down a pretty big hill.  The spill did serve a purpose, she used a lot more caution after this spill.

They (mostly Lucy) were so dang competitive.  The focus on the other also caused a few spills.

But it was mostly fun and good exercise for everyone.  Before they could fall their way down all those hills they had to peddle hard UP all those hills.

a well deserved drink after a long, hard, scary bike ride.

we stopped at Leif Erickson park to throw rocks at the water.


risa said...

Looks like a very sweet day!

Jennifer said...

How great is that! Plus, it probably wore her out at the end of the day.

3GenerationsFarm said...

You have WAY too much effing energy for me. UGH.